Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nothing new, but busy.

Hey all! I have not posted in a while so I thought it was time even though we don't have any new news on the adoption front.
I have started to shop for Gavin now that we know about what size he should be. I am a little surprised, I thought I would have gotten everything he would need from the time he gets home until he leaves for college, but I haven't. (Maybe college was a stretch.) I do want a few things for China, but then I might wait until he gets home before I buy much more.
Other then that the Christmas season is in Full swing here in our house. The tree is up, gifts are bought, and Christmas cd's are playing. The only thing we are missing is the snow, (the picture above is our yard from last year) but the clouds were looking a dark sade of gray today and the temperatures are low.
If I don't post again, we at our house want to wish everyone of you a Wonderful Christmas!


Our Family said...

I have a feeling you might be posting again with LOA news BEFORE Christmas.

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

One piece of advice about shopping. Most likely, he will grow a lot in the first few months with you, so those clothes that initally fit him will not last long! I cannot believe the beautiful, hardly worn clothes I've already given away. But I give them to the local alternative school for teen parents, so I know the clothes are being put to good use.

Have fun shopping! Hopefully you'll be gone by March, but if you aren't it's a great time to hit post-winter sales for the following year. I got Ty a great coat last year for $11, and it has been put to great use. Sorry for the ramble! LOL!

Madeleine said...

Aww! Thanks for stopping by!

I enjoyed your blog and will be hopping in here often!

Your children are beautiful.

And that thing your daughter said about not celebrating here for his birthday?? My sister said the same thing to me during Thanksgiving; as I cried because we were *suppose* to be back before Thanksgiving. And we were going to celebrate this Christmas with her.

Of course she was right. It is not all about me. lol.

Hard lesson to swallow, but once you do, life is good again.

HOPING AND PRAYING for quicker dates for you!!!

Kristi said...

Praying for you guys as you wait. I wish there were rhyme or reason as to when LOAs are issued!
You actually have White Christmases in your area? I've lived in NC all my life and I've never seen a White Christmas, got real close the winter we lived in France ~ it snowed there, but we had come home for the holidays...
And one additional thought on buying clothes. They may be too small, but they may swing the other way too! Caleb's measurements were too big and this winter he is wearing the stuff I bought him last year ~ AGAIN. (Last year much of it was pretty big...)