Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sinking in.

I have had about two days now to let the idea of us not leaving until May sink in and even though I would throw some P.J.'s in luggage and be out the door in 30 seconds flat if the phone rang, I am starting to think this is all going to be okay. Mind you I had also been warned that this could be a possibility back in February, I just didn't want to believe it and now I have to.

This really does work better for our family.
Gary has a big project at work that is wrapping up this month.
Avery got to finish out volleyball with her team and has a history project due soon at school.
I now have a little more time to procrastinate with the boy's bedroom.
More time for me to make travel arrangements.
And most importantly my sister is leaving for Haiti soon and I will have her sweet kiddos for two weeks so she can go and serve our Heavenly Father by loving on some kids in a orphanage affected by the earthquake. This was heavy on my heart and I wanted to be able to help her with this, now God has given me the time to do it.

All is well for now (I still wouldn't mind having that TA come in) and we have a very fun weekend planed with a long over due swimming party for Olivia and some friends and Avery's history project made out of cake and LOTS of frosting.
Wishing you all a great weekend,


Tanya said...

Waiting is so hard and God's timing is always so much better than ours. I can't even imagine though what you are going through. Waiting to go get your "baby" would be hard and I would be feeling the exact same way that you are. Hang in there! Enjoy your weekend!

WilxFamily said...

I am so happy that the Lord is helping you to see the goodness of this wait. He knows the schedule of what has to be done in yours and His plans...(thinking especially of your sweet sister serving in Haiti)

For us, we wondered too why TA wasn't coming in, and when it would. Now that it has, we are seeing how the Lord has timed everything out for us.

Our house was NOT AT ALL ready for Evan to come home. (Even today..the stove is still in the dining room) God knew our new house was going to be more than we could do in a week before leaving.

Also, child care. While we really wanted to take the kids with...we couldn't. The Lord worked this trip out that it would fall on my sister's spring break. She's a teacher, and was super excited to take the kids. I had no one else to take them. God Knew it.

There were a few other things there too. I am so so, glad the Lord has shown you a few reasons "why" to comfort you. It really helps to know He's there, and has a plan. Ch*na is not in charge...God is!

Hopefully your TA will come this week. Then you could arrange all your flights, and they'll be cheaper the farther out too!

Kristi said...

Still praying for you as you hang in there. So glad that God has provided some peace in the wait.

Our Family said...

I know how hard it is to have to rely on someone else's timing (even God's timing) - especially when it involves our little ones. When we had to wait for what seemed like FOREVER to be able to travel for Abby, I questioned it a million times. As it turns out, if we had traveled any sooner we would've missed out on the new tax benefits, which will help us pay off the adoption in one year rather than five. Given the choice, I still would have chosen to travel earlier, but I can see that He had all this planned to answer my prayers about the finances. Trust that even if you can't see it, He has you in the palm of His hand, and His plans really are best!!!!
Hang in there.

Janice said...

Good for you Marla - you've done beautifully at waiting! A year from now you won't "remember the labor pains" near as vividly!