Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can't Believe It!

It was four weeks ago today that we were boarding a 747 headed very far west to China and now here I am sitting at my desk cleaning up apple juice from a three year old as I write this post. Oh how things have changed so much in the last four weeks and yet it feels like this is the way it has always been. How can that be?

We are again...
~setting the table with little plates and cups.
~having to find the nearest bathroom in every store we go into.
~singing "twinkle, twinkle little star".
~playing with big wooden puzzles.
~going to bed at 7:30.
...and we wouldn't change a thing.

We have had so much fun with Gavin finally home with us and he is doing amazing at the adjustments he has had to make with his new life and family.
The first time we sat around our table for dinner at home and held each others hands to pray was a moment I will keep in my mind for a long while. Instead of having to pray for Gavin somewhere we could not even identify with, he was right here with us praising our Heavenly Father for the journey He had safely brought us home from.  God is so good to us.
The kids are back in school, Gary is back to work, and housework is again on my lists of things to do, only now it is being interrupted for a story of "Little Bear" or "Snuggle Puppy"....and I wouldn't change a thing.

Blessings on a Wednesday afternoon,


Gail said...

He is adorable, and I'm elated that he's doing so well!!! you are very blessed and I know you know that!

Janice said...

Okay - you just made me tear up (which isn't very hard these days)! Thanks for the pics and update. It was a treat to meet Gavin and we are excited to get to know him better. We miss our other 3 great nieces and nephew too - so bring them by sometime OK? Love and hugs!

Julie said...

You have a beautiful family!!!!

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

He is beautiful and fits in perfectly! God's timing is not our own, yet it is perfect.

Abbie_Marie said...

I love the blog name change! I loved being able to meet Gavin, he is such a sweet boy, and that smile melts hearts!

Chris said...

I am so happy for you!!!

Gavin is such a cutie-pie!!

claUDIA/NANA said...

Love the blog, the pictures, and the words which clearly came from the heart.
We too are grateful for the Lord overseeing the way and bringing this sweet little boy into our family and lives as well. We love you all. Mom and Dad Brim

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you guys! We will have to get together so the boys can have a play date beings we live so close i would love to have coffee sometime! Katie Stauffer

Anonymous said...

I could only imagine how sweet it was to have Gavin at the family dinner table for the first time! Oh so sweet, he is so cute, so enjoyed meeting him for the first time, can't wait to see him grow up in our church, what a blessing he is, and we are thrilled you shared the journey with your church family! Love you guys! Karen

Kristi said...

So happy that you are home and settling in as a family of six! Gavin just sounds like he's fitting right in!