Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paper work and waiting

Currently we are working on the home study. For those of you who are not familiar with adoption what that means is an endless mountain of paper work. For those who are familiar with the home study you can understand our pain.

Marla is doing a great job with this. She is the one ordering documentation, making sure copies are made and trying to keep me on track with my adoption education. This education is 10 hours of online training and about 250 pages of very probing personal essay style questioning.

As of yet we do not have a specific child. In another 3 to 6 months we should be getting a "Referral". In other words a specific child will be chosen at that time. 3 to 6 months after that and hopefully we will be boarding a plane for China.

We would appreciate your prayers for patience, perseverance and God's blessing as we work through this process.---Gary


The Scheib Family said...

What a great way to keep us all updated on the process and a way for us to know what to be specifically praying about for your family.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I are excited about your blog. What a fun way to be filled in, and to know exactly what to pray for. Please know that we are holding all six of you up before our Lord Jesus Christ. We will be praying daily and watching as the blog changes and moves even closer to getting our 9th grandchild home. Love mom & dad