Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two steps down, One to go!

I know, I know. We are only into the first part of May and I am already posting for this month. We have had so much happen in just this last week I can practicaly taste the authentic Chinese food. Then to make it even better, most of it happened on our fourteenth wedding anniversary. We got the official home study approval signed and delivered to us on Wednesday. This was more then anything Gary could have picked out at Ben Bridge for an anniversary gift. Then on Friday we had all our paperwork for the U.S. Government signed and sealed and sent off to Chicago. The poor lady dealing with me at the post office was no doubt glad it was Friday. I was a mess at her counter as I was mailing off a whole stack of paperwork that I felt needed a personal guard accompanying it to it's destination. This will determine if the government will allow us to bring home a Chinese infant to make him a U.S. citizen. We have been told that the wait time for this stage in the game is about two to three months. I am thankful that most of this time will be spent with the kids out of school and doing summer stuff. We will also be getting all of our Chinese paperwork done while we wait so when we do get the thumbs up we can send China their stuff A.S.A.P. This whole process is without question a hurry up and wait situation. I am so grateful to Gary and the kids for putting up with this roller coaster ride we have been on for the past eight months, but then to think of spending Mother's Day next year with all my chicks under my wing makes it all worth it.---Marla


Kristy Wind said...

Yay, I am so glad that it's all starting to come together! I hope the rest of it goes smoothly and we'll get to meet Gavin soon!

Janice said...

Praying for everything to go quicly and we can add another nephew to the Brim clan!! :-)