Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Ball is Rolling Once Again!

Here we are at another month gone by, but this time we have had a lot going on to get us even closer to the time when we will get to meet our son. We now have our interviews behind us and they all went so very well. Our home study case worker was amazing and made this step so easy for us. The paper work we had to do over ended up being no big deal. The two months of stand still was God's way of asking me where my faith was, and then this last month Him showing me this is all in His hands. Gavin will come home on the day that God has set for us and I need to trust that. Now we are in the process of our paper work going to the U.S. Government. This will be more waiting, but now there are signs of spring coming to the northwest and we should have lots of things to keep us occupied like yard work and everything else that comes with warmer weather. We hope every one's spring is off to a sunny start and you are all soaking up the vitamin D you have been missing out on all winter. All our families love to you -----Marla


Janice said...

Ok girlie - I didn't know you had a blog!! Thanks for leaving a note and not just being a "lurker" :-)! See you tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Super cute blog...I'm glad I can stay updated now and I dont have to hunt you down every other Sunday at church! I can't wait until you have a picture of Gavin to put on the blog!! -Abbie

Anonymous said...

Marla, What an awesome blog. You have done a fantastic job of putting it all together. I LOVE the musice too. YOU GO GIRL!!!
Dad and I are will continue to pray for the day the LORD brings Gavin home, to join your family, and OUR family. Much Love Mom and Dad Brim