Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Somewhere between here and Portland OR

Less then a week late and we have hit our goal! Not to bad if I do say so myself. Yesterday Gary and I went to get our fingerprints done for our I800-A (these are the papers in Chicago). We really didn't know what to expect or how much time to give ourselves. With our appointment at 11:00am and being a few minutes early we were in and out of Immigration by 11:15. We then headed to the state capital (an hour from where we were and 3hrs. from home) to get all our papers State certified. We pulled up to the Secretary of State building and with a parking spot right in front we pulled in. Then we got out of the car and found the meter had 3hrs. and 45min on the clock. God took care of even the change we needed for parking. For a day that Gary and I thought was going to be stressed and harry it ended up turning out amazing. We realize that God had His hand in our whole day.
To top things off Levi and I headed out this morning to make copies for our agency and then to UPS. So with nine months of work behind us our Dossier (China paperwork) is now somewhere between here and Portland OR. Now we wait for the paperwork in Chicago to be approved and matched up with our Dossier in Portland. We have made three major steps in a 24hr. period. We give God all the Glory for His help in getting us to this place. Thank you for all the prays being said for our Gavin we appreciate each and every one. Blessings---Marla

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Kathy said...

Congratulations ! Doesn't it feel great to have it out of your hands. It shouldn't be long now for THE CALL !!!!