Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well I'm really getting into this blogging thing. The kids and I are just hagging out on a mac-and cheese/ pb-and-j kind of weekend. The week at school was hot for the kids (up into the 90's) and now it has cooled down to normal (like the mid 60's). We have one week of school left and then my babies are all mine. I can't wait!

My goal for the adoption was to have all our China paperwork done by the time the kids got out of school. I think we are going to be about a week off, which is not to bad considering everything involved. Gary and I have a few things to finalize and we have to pick up our back ground check at the police station. After getting all this notarized we will take it to the Secretary of State to have it all authenticated. I also started to get my shots for travel. I may or may not need a few more depending on where in China Gavin is coming from, this also means Gary and the kids may not be out of the woods with their shots being complete either. We did not receive the June list of kids from China due to some problems with our agency being able to get them off the computer, but this is starting to feel very real (not to say that all this paperwork hasn't) as to the fact that our little guy could be on one of the next couple lists that come our way. I find myself getting weepy alot and the kids think it's pretty funny, these are all happy tears for the thought that this is really happening. Or it's some kind of adoption mom-to-be hormone I'm not aware of. It is safe to say that of our pictures in China I will be the one looking like one of those buggy eyed gold fish in most of the shots.
I do hope everyone is having a hang out and relax kind of weekend like we are at our house. Blessing to all ---Marla


Gail said...

Well, it sounds like things are moving along for you all. You might just see your little guy's face in a couple of months. I'm so excited for you! Please ask me any questions you may have.

Jan Kok said...

Little Gavin is one very blessed little guy to be joining your wonderful, loving family! Praying along with you that the final pieces of this trip you have been on fall into place and you soon have your little guy in your arms. Adoption mom-to-be hormones!! That's great~ And, tears of joy are a sweet thing =) Love you, Aunt Jan