Monday, August 24, 2009

Good news/ Bad news.

Good news is our dossier is leaving the country TODAY! We have waited so long for this stack of paperwork to go to China and today is the day--yahoo! The bad news is what started out (from what we were told by our agency) to be a possible travel date of sometime in the fall became Dec./Jan. is now spring. I know they don't have a crystal ball and it's just a guesstimate, I'm just so ready to be this boy's mama and we want to start our lives with him. The silver lining is that I hear China is beautiful in the spring. All those cherry blossoms in bloom, wouldn't that be gorgeous.


Kathy said...

It's any ones guess when we will travel. Our agency is saying 4- 7 months...ugh ! Congratulations on getting your Dossier to China,
Yeah !!!!!!

Michele said...

I have enjoyed your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving encouraging words! I need all I can get! I look forward to following your journey to get Gavin home!

Tami said...


Congrats on your DTC!! one step closer, though the possible delay in travel must be tough...just remember His timing is perfect...I have definitely been reminded of that over and over again in our journey. Still I know that ache you carry in your heart to just hold your child.

Thanks so much for following our journey to Sophie and for all your kind words, prayers and words of support. They have really meant so much!

Sending hugs to you!

Janice said...

You have such a possible outlook Marla Joy! Gavin will be blessed to call you Mommy!! Miss you all!