Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life while we were gone

This is what we have been up to other then paperwork and phone calls to our agency. I think this is our first posting that does not have any adoption news in it. We are still a family of three active kids, one fun loving dad, and a mom trying to keep it all going.
While we would be waiting in line for some of the rides in the theme park Avery would be over in the flower beds taking pictures of flowers. How many twelve year old's do you know would do this when rides are involved? She has a passion for photography and it shows, I didn't pull out my camera once in the week an a half we were gone. I knew she would capture anything I would need.

We spent the fist part of our trip just the five of us at Silverwood (an amusement park and water slide park). We did meet up with some friends from home who just happened to be there the same time we were. Then the second part of our trip we meet up with about thirty people from Gary's side of the family for our annual camping trip.

I would love to know what was being discussed at that moment.

Someone has had her fill of fun and looks a little tired.

We have had such an awesome summer, just spending time together and having a blast doing it. It's hard to believe we are now doing back to school shopping and soon there will be pumpkins in the fields, leaves on the ground and a crispness in the air. We hope you all have had as much fun as we have had this summer at our house.


Gail said...

Great post and pics Marla...looks like you've been having a great Summer!

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures !! I am ready for fall too.

Janice said...

I've never been to Silverwood , maybe when I have grandkids I'll make it there!! Have fun in Chelan with the Brim's. We'll be heading over as you are heading home! Miss ya!!!

Abbie said...

When does it work for you guys to get together? I start back to work next week but that doesn't mean we can't still find time in there! Do you want to meet at Woods or come over...? Whatever works best for you guys! I love hearing about your great summer, your kids are AWESOME! I love chatting with them on Sundays, they are all so outgoing and love to share what is going on in their lives!