Thursday, October 8, 2009

This time of year.

With the leaves falling and the cold bite in the air this is one of our favorite times of the year. It was also this time last year when we started looking into adoption agencies and dreaming of what the future would reveal with our changing family.
Now we know who we are adding to our family and where he is coming from.
This year we look forward to the travel plans ahead and the person that will be rounding out this family of six.
As we wait for the CCAA to process our paperwork and we continue to wait for our LOA we are mentally starting to bring this adoption into the home stretch. I am making lists of all the things that need to be packed, I have been told that people get started six months before and pack many times. I am fine tuning our travel budget, five to six people in China for two weeks and you have to know what your looking at for cost. And we are going over paperwork for visa's and Immigration. We are still looking at 4-6 months before we leave, but it all is feeling very real when you consider the next four months will be full of holiday planning, family get togethers, and school or church programs. This all should make the time fly by (or one would hope).


Kathy said...

You are so smart to go ahead and do some planning. You wouldn't believe the paperwork I am having to do now as we wait for our TA ! I am a little overwhelmed at this point ! I just keep thinking of Maggie and it all goes into perspective.

Gail said...

It's a beautiful time of the year and my very favorite...

You will be shocked how fast the time flies. Before you know it you'll be flying to China to meet your little guy!

Have a great weekend!

Tami said...

Yes the time will fly! Get done what you can now...because towards the end things really kick into overdrive! Plus, if you're anything like me all the what ifs and the nerves will kick in, making it that much harder to concentrate and get things done.

I had a special China 'to do' checklist for all the forms and paperwork, and a China consulate folder and US folder that I would put necessary completed items into. I also used a separate packing list that I kept in the kitchen. Whenever I thought of 'oh, I really need to bring 'x' to china...I wrote it down. I used the list to do final shopping and crossed things off as I packed. It really worked for me.

amy said...

Hi Marla,
Thanks for your comment on my blog ;-)

Zach is just turning 9 next week and Sammy is 3 so almost a 6 year difference! It is so cool to watch them bond as brothers! The language area was difficult at first but now that he is speaking more english they play a lot more!!