Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I got nothin!

We have a new #?*! word in our house these days that will get me unglued, the word ~ waiting. If this is not something one is use to doing before the adoption process, it is something you live with on an hour by hour basis whether you like it or not.
I am ok with the wait for our LOA, I understand that is part of this game we are currently playing with the Chinese government and every family has to do their time. I get that and I'm ok with that (for the most part, I do know I have done a little whinning).
"Then what is this girls problem?" you must be asking yourself. Well let me explain, just about three weeks ago I ordered a phone call to be made with the interpreter to get some updated information on Gavin (the only measurements we have on him were taken just after his first birthday). We also got to ask ten questions of our choice to have a little better idea of what Gavin's experiences are in his day to day life. This poor girl is trying so hard to get me this info and so far not a thing!
I feel like I'm sixteen again waiting for the phone to ring from the guy who said he was going to call a week ago. Only now I'm checking my e-mails four-five-six times a day. It's probaly more then that I just didn't want to sound pathetic. I have prayed about this, I have tryed positive thinking on the subject and yet still nothin! Even as I sit here writting this newest post my mind is wondering "Could there be something from Beijing in my e-mail in box now-hmm?"
I do so appreciate all the support we have received from the faithful followers who comment here on our blog, your words are very encouraging. I do apologize there just is not a whole lot of new stuff going on with the adoption, this is just where we are at for the moment. I do hope to have more to blog about soon.
Blessings to you all,
BTW I just checked again and still nota!


Kathy said...

I " feel you" !
I e mailed them last week and have not heard anything yet. (It will be good not to be so worried about checking our e mails one day !!!)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I'm not a patient person, so waiting like this would drive me crazy! I hope you hear soon~

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Oh my goodness, I can so relate... the unknown is so frustrating! I keep getting the question, "When are you traveling?" Those are my $%!&* words. An update is so vital, I will pray for it to come quickly! This emotional preganacy is so difficult because we have no confirmed "due date" I am sure we are learning some lessons in all of this, in a year we will be able to look back and know what they are :)

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

i totally understand the checking of emails, RQ, and blogs to find out the latest. I try to tell people the difference between pregnancy and adoption is that your adoptive child is already born and in a place where no child should be. That is the agonizing part! I hope you get those three letters very soon--LOA! As you approach 90-100 days, it gets hard. Our wait was 126, so I understand. If you hit 100 days, you should ask your agency to check it out. Keep praying. It's the closest to the Lord I've ever been. And he rewarded us with the best little boy you could ever ask for!

Kristi said...

I understand the frustration in this wait you are enduring! We called for the same service on the day we got our PA and finally heard something a month and three days later! As it turns out the person in charge of IA at the orphanage had been out on maternity leave and no one else could/would answer the questions. I'll be praying for you as you wait for word of your sweetie!

Chris said...

Oh, the waiting....

We are waiting for our Article 5 and then our TA. We had so hoped that we would be in China by now bringing home our little one. (sigh)

But, let me tell ya...

once your sweet child is in your arms...


BTW, we are also with All God's Children....for the second time!

Don't ya just love Kate???