Monday, November 23, 2009

A snapshot of my life with Levi

There is a mom I like to follow that started doing this a few weeks back on her blog with her own kids and then encouraged everyone else to do the same. I thought I would finally jump on board with it too. It's called Sunday Snapshot where you focus on one of your kiddos and tell just a bit about them in a snapshot. I know your looking at the calendar and saying Marla don't you know what today is, Yes I do. Today we will call it Monday Snapshot!

Ni Hao Y'all

I know with boys the phrase "mama's boy" sometimes gets thrown around. Well in this case I am such a "boy's mama". This son of mine has taught me so much in the ten years he has been in my life. At just two weeks old he had a health issue that gave him open sores from head to toe and we did not get to the bottom of  it until he was nine months old. Yet he was always such a happy baby. Then when we did find out that he had a food allergy, he was such a trooper for the next five years. At age six we discovered he had out grown the food allergy, but we continue to deal with his asthma. He taught me that having a food allergy and having to deal with his breathing once in a while was not that big of deal at the prime age of toddlerhood.

This boy has also taught me how to face me fears head on. Both when it came to his medical issues and with his love for motorcycles. With Gary being a shift worker, in order for Levi to race I had to step up to the plate and learn how to load and unload the bikes, drive the truck with the motorcycle trailer behind it, and start the motorcycles all the while in glittery flip flops. Levi has never been embarrassed to have his mom by his side at the race track. In fact he proudly holds my hand as we walk together to sign up each week not caring if the other guys see him hand in hand with his mom.

I am one blessed mama to have this boy in my life and I can not picture life with out him, nor would I want to.


Stefanie said...

Wow, Levi sounds like an incredibly wise soul, even at a very young age! And he's absolutely adorable, too... I can see why you're so crazy about him :)
Thanks for joining in Sunday Snapshot... even if it's one day late ;)

Kathy said...

Such a wonderful post. My boys still hold my hand and I cherish it too.
It is so sweet and something I don't take for granted.
Have a great week !

Wife of the Pres. said...

Hi! Found your blog link over at NHBO! We are LID on 9/27/09 as well! Maybe we'll be in China at the same time! We are waiting for a son as well to bring home. He'll be our 4th child too. Hope things continue to go well for your family during the wait. :) Leslie

Chris said...

What a sweet boy!! I loves how he holds your hand (in public) not caring what others might think!!!