Friday, February 12, 2010

I love you guys!

I have the sweetest people who stop by here at Getting Gavin to check in on me. You guys say the most encouraging things and help me look at the positive on how far we have come with this adoption.
One of my followers asked how things were going other then this little "set back" and I can honestly say things are pretty good.
First of all Gary has been blessed with a great job where he has lots of overtime to financially get ready for our trip. Second the kids teachers have been very supportive and know we could pull them out of school at the drop of a hat. Third we are all ready to go with our visa's here, shots done, medicine bought (both Rx and over the counter), and the freezer is stocked with meals for our return.
I don't have the kids bedrooms all painted, I'll save that for a rainy day. Well today is rainy, but I'm going to get ready for Chinese New Year.
So again THANK YOU for all the love you guys send my way, I really appreciate it more then you know!
Have a wonderful Chinese New Year weekend!


Kristi said...

Wow, it's possible that you are more prepared than me...
Don't forget to purchase birthday cards/gifts for any special birthdays that may fall during or soon after your trip!
So glad to read your blessings.

Kathy said...

So sorry for the " no news". I know you are so ready to go. We will be praying for you guys. You can rest assured when Gavin is placed in your arms, all will be right and you can start loving and focusing on your little man. I can't wait to see pictures of that day !

Trisha Brink Design said...

Oh Marla, You know that if we could all wish him into your arms we'd do it right this second. However, we've been praying for you...all of us "followers"...that's right, praying. We've all asked for the good Lord to get Gavin into your arms safe, and sound. Obviously that same good Lord has decided that this should take a bit longer than we'd all hoped for...but we can't see His reasons...and you know it is always best in His time. SO, hang in there...we are praying for a swift delivery of the good news. In the mean time remember to sit back relax, and enjoy your "normal" life, husband, and kids...for they will never be the same again...hopefully very soon! :o)

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

I was pruning my roses today, and I thought of you. God showed me how we go through the prickly stuff so we can see the beauty that lies ahead. I said a prayer that your TA will come soon and all of this will be a distant memory. :)


Brian said...

Soon Soon :)

Tami said...

You're one prepared mama!!!

Sorry to read about the possible delay in your travel plans, but happy to hear your concentrating on all the positives.

As hard as it is to hang onto at times...His time IS won't be a day too late.

We were all packed, appointments scheduled, and travel arrangements made. At the 11th hour, our trip was cancelled due to H1N1 concerns in Sophie's province. We were devastated!! When the day came that we were SUPPOSED to be landing in her province, we heard the news that the terrible riots broke out. There was a high probability that had we gon, as scheduled, we would have been on the street going to our hotel when all that happened. It gives me chills to this day thinking about what we would have been caught up in.

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

That wait is so painful. We got our TA 9 weeks after our LOA and traveled 12 weeks after our LOA... I bet you get TA next week!!! Happy Chinese New Year!

Chris said...

You are in my thoughts & prayers!!!

Gavin will be home soon!!!!! You know he will!!!!!