Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome home family of six!!

Okay - this is Aunt Jan and I have behaved so well and not added any comments or sidenotes during my blogging duty - but I cannot resist anymore!!! :-)

What a privilege it has been to receive the emails and pictures and blog it for all of you, friends and family who love the TenKleys and have been praying for them.

 How exciting it has been (and sometimes emotional) to watch Gary, Marla, Avery, Levi and Lulu go through the adoption "waiting game" counting the days until their son/brother came home.

Gavin - you more blessed than you'll ever know (until you have kids of your own), to have Godly & loving parents who, in listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit became known to you as Dad and Mom.

You have a Godly heritage and you will be raised to know and fear God, and your parents have sacrificed greatly for you - and they will be blessed.
You will be loved more than can be described.
You will have a brother in Levi, that other boys will be jealous of.
You will have a big sister in Avery,who will protect and mother you with great love and compassion.
 You will have a big sister in Lulu, that will confirm in you that you are glad to be a boy, because being a girl is a lot of maintenance.
You will have Grandparents that will SPOIL you and love doing it.
You will have Aunts (moi'), Uncles & cousins, too numerous to count and they will bring you into the clan and make you feel right at home.

Gavin - you are blessed - and so are we!

From the day Marla shared their desire to adopt, a little spot in my heart started to grow for whoever it was God would bring to them, as I am adopted too and understand the blessing it is to be loved and chosen by wonderful parents! Then, to find out we share the same birthday - woo hoo!  We will certainly share a cake this fall!

I promise not to take over blogger rights again - but TenKleys, thanks for the privilege to share your journey.  I love you all, Aunt Janice


Molly Gustafson said...

Loved it, Jan. So true that Gavin is blessed beyond measure by all who already love him. :)

Tanya said...

Got to love a good blog crasher! Thank you so much for your behind the scenes help, we have so enjoyed following their journey.

Kathy said...

Sorry I am just now leaving a comment,but Congratulations !!! GAVIN IS ADORABLE !!

Gavin's Family said...

As if the jet leg setting in was not bad enough, I pulled up my blog tonight and now I'm in serious crying mood.
Thank you Jan for all the super sweet things you said to Gavin about us.
Also thank you for taking such good care of my blog while I was gone. I couldn't have left it in better hands!!!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

So true...Gavin is a very blessed boy!