Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our March update!

Once again we have been at a stand still for yet another month. We hear more and more that this is what's to be expected with this process. As hard as it is to get our stuff together and then just wait and wait for weeks at a time before we even know what the next step is, we also understand that we will forget all the hard parts of this once over the pacific ocean headed home with our son in tow.
We did turn in our paper work over a month ago. It looks like some of our paper work has now expired since we have been waiting on what we were to do next, so we may have to do a few of the steps over again. That we are being told is normal also. When your FBI finger prints are only valid for three months at a time they can expire quickly. We have heard that our interviews will be starting soon and we are to do five separate interviews. We are looking forward to this step as it's a big one to get through and many people have said that the social worker we have been matched up with is wonderful. We continue to imagine what our family life will be like once Gavin gets here and everyone is still so excited to have him home. All the kids pray for their brother often, but it's Olivia who does not let a day go by with out making sure God has loving arms wrapped around her little brother every night before he goes to bed. We appreciate everyone who has taken an interest in what is going on with our family these last couple of months. We are happy to share our progress with you. Hopefully the next time we sit down to update you we will have completed the home study and are moving on to Home Land Security.---Marla

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