Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday party in a box.

I feel like the mom of two birthday kids this week, Miss Lulu's is on Thursday and Gavin's is in three weeks. Having not sent him a package as of yet, I was not sure how long it would take to place the order and get it to him. Let me just say they get right on it. He should have it by the end of this week. I would rather it be a few weeks early then even a day late. This week is also a big one for us, as it was this week last year we went public to our family and friends with our plans to adopt. It's kind of perfect that we make our first contact with our son this week. Along with the package we are sending Gavin they were going to try to get him a birthday cake for his big day. We also sent pictures of us in the order and they were going to put together a photo album for Gavin of who we are with labels so maybe he can start putting some of the pieces together. We have had his picture for a few months and I'm excited for him to see who we are now.

Well you know our week will be full of cake and ice cream, we just hope yours will be great as well!---Marla


Tanya said...

Okay, now I have some questions for future blog posts. How do you "order" a package, and who from? What is Gavin's environment right now? How often can you send him things? Do they tell him he's placed before he gets the package? When you go to China, how long will you be gone/how long does it take at that point? Oh, and a suggestion, but I'm sure you've thought of it already... Take a picture of each of you with HIS picture, that might help make the connection too!

Gail said...

How exciting for you all! I think it's great that you can do this for your little man.


Janice said...

We'll have to have a birthday party for Gavin (and me:-) when we get Christ Group going again (which we need to get on!!)

Kathy said...

I love all the things in Gavin's birthday package. We got pictures and updated info on Maggie this
week !! We were VERY pleased with Lady bugs in love and our little Maggie is getting so big and her cheeks are so chubby !! She looks very healthy and we can not wait to go to China !!!!

julia said...

i just saw your comment on jolene's blog and found your blog via that. we just adopted through agc. our son was almost 3 when we accepted his referral (he was on the sn/wc info that agc sent to us) and so we kind of did the whole process backwards (sent loi, got pa before we even had our homestudy done). where is your son from? oh how i'd love to go back to china even today. you have so many wonderful experiences ahead of you! and we LOVED agc. always fun to run into a another agc family! julia.

amy said...

Hi Marla,
Thanks for your kind posts on my blog :-) I love the pix of Sammy in the tunnel too! It turned out great ;-) The pants are getting there, I found some at Marshalls and Old Navy...Pennys is on schedule for later this week! Great care package...I bought several of those books for Sammy while we were in China and he Loves them!!!